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Forever Fit Community
Private Facebook Group

Join our community and get the

support you need to stay on track with your health & fitness goals.

Benefits of Joining the Private Facebook Group

Do you want to join a community of like-minded individuals who support each other on their health and fitness goals? Do you want to connect with others who have trained with Coach Mike and get personalized help as if you were a client yourself?

By joining the Forever Fit Community, you will get:

1.  Accountability and camaraderie with other members who are bettering their health & fitness
2.  24/7 access to ask questions and communicate with people from all over

3.  Daily Health Tips
4.  Early access to new guides & programs
5.  Group Members-only Fitness Challenges
6.  Video form check and nutrition advice from Coach Mike and others

7.  At-Home Workout Routines

This is hosted by Facebook. You WILL NEED an active Facebook account to participate. By becoming a member of the Forever Fit Community Facebook Group, please follow the rules posted on the Facebook page and answer the questions upon sign up.

Click the button to get started now!

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