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MCF Coaching

What is Online Coaching?

Online Coaching is a great way to work with a professional who offers guidance, education, and support every step of the way on your fitness journey. 

There are many similarities to online coaching that there is with in-person training, like:

- A highly specific approach that align with your goals

- An individualized workout program

- Individualized nutrition guidance

- Professional support & accountability

What online coaching offers over in-person is a great level of communication and feedback, an online platform that records your progress in an organized manner and the feasibility of doing things on your schedule.

If you are someone who is busy, always on the go, and/or just need a coach to put you on the right path for significantly less than what personal training packages at gyms cost than online coaching is for you.

MCF Online Coaching 

How Does it Work?

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1) Initial Assessment

  • After submitting the initial application (link below) and upon completion of its review we will send you an email to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss the next steps. 

  • During this meeting we will discuss:
    your application, past training history, current struggles, lifestyle, nutrition/lifestyle habits and more. 


  • We will look over everything, discuss the plan moving forward and go over any questions you may have about the process. 

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2) Gameplanning

  • After the initial assessment and onboarding process, we will take all the information gathered, and using our highly effective Profound Coaching Protocol, customize your plan for success.

  • There will be a start-up phase where you will be given guides, resources and tips to set yourself for absolute success on this journey. This ensures easing into the program and understanding of what's expected for the weeks to come. 


3) Profound Coaching Protocol

  • After getting acclimated, you will officially be put into Phase 1 of the Profound Coaching Protocol which consists of 4 distinct phases, each with an emphasis on a new adaptation to bring you toward your fitness goals.

  • The power behind our program is that it focuses on becoming "fundamentally sound". It reinforces those fundamentals as you move through it and ultimately becomes the foundation you need to sustain your health & fitness goals for the longterm.

  • The length of the program varies from person to person.  We put great emphasis on the first 12 weeks where the foundation is built, fantastic progress is made, and most importantly a shift on your perspectives of exercise & nutrition and your momentum is at an all time high.

4) Lifestyle Integration

  • The goal is for me to be the last coach you will ever have to work with.  The program is designed to train you to have the habits that are highly effective & sustainable long term.

  • Once you navigate through the program we then turn our attention to lifestyle integration.  You hit your goals, now let's keep them...for life.

  • The focus is integrating the foundational pieces of the program into the lifestyle you love. 

All coaching spots are currently FULL.

Apply to be on the waitlist!

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